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Mental Wellness for Women

With the Physicians of the New York University Medical Center Women's Health Service and the Department of Psychiatry (1997, William Morrow, New York)

The Groundbreaking Guide to the Latest Information on:

• A Woman's Unique Brain Chemistry

• Depression, Sexual Problems, Stress, and More

• Medications and Other Therapies

• Substance Abuse and Violence

• Maintaining Lifelong Emotional Health


"Baron-Faust, a medical writer, notes that women suffer from depression and eating disorders in higher numbers than men, and that schizophrenia and other thought disorders are equally common in both sexes. Chapter discussions follow on these and other mental illnesses. Chapters on Mood Disorders, Anxiety and Panic, Personality Disorders and more feature informative descriptions, self-quizzes, suggested treatments utilizing psychotherapy and/or pharmacotherapy and lists of medications with their side effects. Brief and continuing stories of individual women speaking in their own words about their illnesses and treatments give the book a human face. Balanced consideration is given to the controversial issue of the role of female hormones on mental disorders, and the question of how life cycle events affect women's mental well-being is examined. There is also a chapter that delineates the differences between various psychotherapeutic approaches. The book concludes with a chapter of practical advice for maintaining mental wellness." Publishers Weekly.

"It is based on two powerful assumptions: first, that every woman should know this information in order to maintain her mental well-being; and second, that every woman can some to know about these ideas in much greater depth than has traditionally been presumed by the keepers of medical knowledge," CNN Reader's Cafe.

“Bravo… this book is a fund of knowledge that will tell women that there is often a chemistry behind how they think and feel,” Deborah Sichel, MD, Director Hestia Institute Center for Women and Families, Instructor in Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

“It is a delight to read a book that moves beyond the traditional obstetrical and gynecologic formula for women’s health to the broader spectrum of women’s mental wellness,” Donna E. Stewart, Lillian Love Chair in Women’s Health, University of Toronto.

“A terrific resource for women, their doctors, and their families,” Valerie Davis Raskin, MD, University of Chicago and author of This Isn’t What I Expected.

"Rita Baron-Faust has done a superb job of taking diverse and complex aspects of women's mental health and making these clear and useful. This book is informative, sophisticated, and presents timely and up-to-date material. I've enjoyed it thoroughly," Carol C. Nadelson, MD, Editor in Chief, American Psychiatric Press and Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School.

"As in all fields of healthcare and medicine, the specific needs of women with psychiatric illness have been traditionally been either assumed entirely similar to those of men or blatantly ignored. Mental Wellness for Women represents and outstanding attempt to correct that serious gap in our knowledge. This book is an accurate, easily grasped, and highly informative guide to psychiatric problems as they specifically relate to women," Jack M. Gorman, MD, Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University and author of The New Psychiatry.