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A Woman’s Guide to Sleep: Guaranteed Solutions for a Good Night's Rest

Co-authored with Joyce Walsleleben, PhD, Director, Sleep Center, NYU School of Medicine (2000, Crown, New York). Soon to be issued as an e-book.

• Getting a good night's rest after the "second shift"

• Turning hot flashes into sweet dreams

• Conquering PMS sleep robbers

• Sleeping during pregnancy and new motherhood

• Stopping those "gotta go" nighttime wake-up calls

• Sleeping better during your senior years


Women experience higher rates of insomnia, sleep deprivation, and daytime sleepiness than men. The inequity is owing partly to the hormonal fluctuations of menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause and partly to the societal expectations of the "second shift." Walsleben (director, Sleep Disorders Center, NYU School of Medicine) and medical writer Baron-Faust offer a reader-friendly guide that includes more home remedies and practical do-it-yourself suggestions for managing sleep problems than other similar texts. Their title also goes into more detail on women's hormonal cycles and the differences between male and female sleep patterns. An interesting chapter examining the relationship between sleep and sex answers the question: Why is he snoring immediately afterward while she's wide awake? Library Journal.

"Soothing advice for women battling insomnia,” People Magazine.

“First-aid kit for the sleep-deprived woman,” New York Times.

“While much remains to be learned about women's sleep, Joyce Walsleben and Rita Baron-Faust have done an admirable job of translating existing findings into a substantive and practical self-help book… This friendly and helpful guide belongs on every family's home medical bookshelf,” Lynne Lamberg, Co-Author The Body Clock Guide to Better Health: How to Use Your Body's Natural Clock to Fight Illness and Achieve Maximum Health.