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Breast Cancer: What Every Woman Should Know

With the Physicians of the New York University Medical Center Women's Health Service and the NYU Comprehensive Cancer Center (1996, Hearst Books, New York)


“This book should…be stocked in cancer centers, women’s health centers, community intake facilities, and women’s clubs—anywhere where women or their significant others congregate to research the disease when it hits out of the blue,” Journal of the National Cancer Institute (JNCI).

"Provides information women need about the risk factors, treatments, and prevention of breast cancer. This book helps women to assess their risk, discusses how dietary changes may reduce the risk of breast cancer, and more," More Magazine.

"I recognize the care, attention to detail and dedication that have gone into the writing of this book. It will be of great help to any woman seeking to know more about breast cancer," Michael P. Osborne, MD, Director, Strang Cancer Prevention Center, New York City.

Cited as an outstanding book of 1996 by the JNCI.

Winner, 1996 Rose Kushner Award for "significant contribution to public and professional awareness of breast cancer."