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The Savvy Woman Patient: How and Why Your Sex Impacts Your Health

Rita Baron-Faust, Chapter Contributor, Autoimmunity.
Edited by Phyllis Greenberger, MSW with Jennifer Wider, MD.
2006, Capital Books, Sterling, VA.)


“Finally, here in one book, is the basic information every woman needs to achieve and maintain good health. After so many years of having our health issues overlooked, this book addresses women's health head on. It belongs on every woman's bedside table,” Judy Woodruff, National News Anchor and Journalist, Former Host of Inside Politics on CNN

"Thanks to the Society for Women’s Health Research, women are benefiting from rigorous, scientific clinical trials. This book brings you the latest news in research about women’s health and does it in a down-to-earth, practical way," Ira Flatow, National Public Radio Science Correspondent and Host of "Talk of The Nation: Science Friday."

“This book is a must-read for every woman. It describes the major diseases and conditions that affect women differently than men, including heart disease, which is the number one killer of women. It is a wonderful resource for women and families as we work to live longer, healthier lives,” Nancy Loving, Co-Founder and Executive Director, WomenHeart

"On nearly every health index, African American women share a disproportionate burden of health problems compared to other groups of women. Additionally, the Institute of Medicine recently reported that African Americans receive the poorest quality of health care regardless of socioeconomic variables. The Savvy Woman Patient provides an important new empowerment tool to create educated health care consumers and improve clinical encounters between women and their providers," Lorraine Cole, PhD, President and CEO, Black Women's Health Imperative.

“This new book brings a great deal of useful information to women about their health. The Society for Women's Health Research has drawn on its broad network of medical experts, and the result will help women of all ages address their health needs,” Susan Wood, PhD, Former Director, U.S. Food and Drug Administration Office of Women’s Health.